OSW on Citrus

2017 06 05

OSW clearly shows the layering of exuvia over the actual instar body.

OSW vs Black Parlatoria

2009 02 20

Gross similarities betwee OSW and the Black Parlatoria, Parlatoria ziziphi (Lucas, 1853), may puzzle pest control experts.

OSW Sooty mould

2009 05 05

Abundant honeydew elicits proliferation of sooty mould.

OSW Invasion

2009 05 05

OSW went northward, driven by traded infested produce and plants.

OSW Parasitoids

2017 10 31

First evidence of self introduced OSW antagonist comes from A. spiniferus collected in Genoa city.

BC dirsruption via inappropriate chemical action

2009 05 14

Mixed infestation of OSW & Woolly Whitefly on the same Citrus

OSW on Citrus SEM

2011 04 07

SEM image demonstrates the glandular nature of the spines.

OSW identification

2008 01 12

OSW identification lies on slide mounting and accurate references scrutiny.

OSW Sooty mould

2009 05 05

Fruits are blackened and unmarkeatable because of black fungi outbreack.

OSW Urban Pest

2018 04 25

The urban pest second-nature of OSW is well demonstrated on Pyracantha coccinea M.Roem., the scarlet firethorn.

OSW on Grape

2018 07 05

OSW host-shift is actually occurring in Southern Italy, when the pest moves to deciduous host plants, as grape (in picture, by Dr. Vincenzo Verrastro).

OSW on Citrus

2013 03 26

The white wax large marginal fringe helps to identify OSW vs other congeneric species.

OSW Adults on Citrus leaf

2009 05 05

Unlikely to the great number od whiteflies, OSW adults have bright-red bdies with dark-grey wings.

OSW Predators

2009 05 05

Indigenous predators were active over the OSW invasion, but unable to check the pest below the economic threshold.

OSW Urban Pest

2018 04 25

OSW population peacks underside host plant leaves.

Traded natural enemies

2017 09 15

Conventional marketed natural enemies appear not to be effective.

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